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News Archive—July 2023
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News Archive—July 2023

Deaf Sports Personality Of The Year 2022

Awards Night results

Deaf Sports Personality of the Year (DSPY) held the 7th DSPY2022 Awards Night at Twickenham Stadium on Saturday 1st July 2023 - it was a grand success!  The DSPY Awards are held every biennial and are an  opportunity for socialising across... Read more

Tasha Ghouri, Love Island’s first-ever deaf contestant, meets her MED-EL Cochlear Implant maker

Love Island’s first ever deaf contestant and cochlear implant mentor

Tasha Ghouri, originally from Yorkshire, was born deaf and received her cochlear implant when she was five years old. Today she is not just a fashion model and dancer, but also a cochlear implant mentor. On her “Superpowers with Tasha”... Read more

The Living Guidelines

CIICA Live event

CIICA LIVE: THE LIVING GUIDELINES: IMPACT ON ADULT CI SERVICES AND ACCESS? CIICA has been involved in the development of the Living Guidelines for CI in adults which aim at improving access to CI and services globally. The final evidence based... Read more

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Membership of the BCIG is open to anyone who has a clinical role in the field of auditory implants, or who is actively involved in research into auditory implants or who represents other allied non-commercial organisations.


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