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Annual UK Numbers update

Each year we collect data from UK cochlear implant centre coordinators about the number of people using and receiving cochlear implants in the United Kingdom; from 2021-22 we also ask about referrals for CI assessment. Please note that some centres may have included reimplantation and revision surgery numbers in their new CI activity prior to 2021-22; we asked for reimplantation and revision surgery to be excluded from 2021-22 onwards. (Some centres may class under 19 as ‘children’; others may use under 18). An error was found in data from 2021-2022, so a revised version is below:

CI activity 2022-2023
CI activity 2021-2022 revised
CI activity 2020-2021
CI activity 2019-2020
CI activity 2018-2019
CI activity 2017-2018
CI activity 2016-2017
CI activity 2015-2016
CI activity 2014-2015
CI activity 2013-2014
CI activity 2011-2012
CI activity 1984-1995


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